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Jinligou Tourist Resort

Source: Changjiang Weekly 09/07/2016 05:09:11

The Jinligou Tourist Resort (锦里沟风景区), a 4A-class scenic spot, lies in Caidian, in the northern part of Huangpi District, Wuhan, and covers an area of ten square kilometers. Jinligou contains diverse topographical features such as mountains, tall peaks, and ravines, as well as lakes and brooks. The average annual temperature of the area is between 15℃ and 22℃.

Jinligou is the only Tujia Ethnic Group park in Wuhan. When a Tujia tribal chief and his people moved from their original community in western Hubei to eastern Hubei during the Yongzheng Period of the Qing Dynasty, he decided to settle in what is now Caidian. After more than 300 years in this area, it now features many Tujia cultural aspects. Shangyue Tower (赏月楼), which is regarded as the landmark of the entire scenic area, is worth visiting.

The Jinligou itinerary is well connected with the Tujia communities; the tour includes a trip around a lake, through a ravine, and through a Tujia village. There are 48 scenic spots of various sizes scattered about the 12-kilometer tourism route in Jinligou, the most extensive natural resort in Wuhan.

A mountain slideway was constructed in Jinligou; it cost around RMB 20 million. It is the only amusement facility of its kind in Hubei. The three-to-five-meter-wide slideway stretches 1800 meters, from the top of the mountain to its base. The carts are equipped with special brake systems. The average speed of the carts is 15 kilometers per hour.

Ticket: RMB 80/person

Transportation: Travel from Zhuyeshan (竹叶山), Hankou to the Daijiashan-Huangpi Expressway (岱黄高速), take a left turn at the roundabout near the Huangpi county seat (黄陂县城) onto Huangpi-Tugang Road (黄土公路), and head towards Mulan Mountain. Then take a left turn at Yaoji Bridge (姚集大桥) towards Caidian (蔡店); Jinligou is just a little further down the road.