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Sanjiao Mountains

Source: Changjiang Weekly 09/07/2016 05:09:40

Located in Xishui County, at the southern foot of the Dabie Mountains in eastern Hubei, Sanjiao Mountains is one alternative to hide from the heat. This summer resort allows you to cool off, as the summer temperature there reaches only 28℃.

Sanjiao Mountains (三角山) is recognized as the hometown of Wen Yiduo, a famous scholar and poet. The name "Sanjiao," which means "triangle," refers to the three abnormal peaks which thrust themselves towards the sky like the horns of a mighty beast.

In the park, there are 28 peaks of various sizes. The dominant peak stands at a height of 1,055 meters above sea level; as the highest peak in Xishui, it offers a gorgeous view.

The Sanjiao Mountains National Forest Park contains five scenic areas, including Ziyun Buddhist Temple (紫云禅寺), Gengyuan (耕园), Cuiyuan (翠园), Lingxiu Mountain (灵秀山), and Sanfengjian (三峰尖), areas which are highlighted by 156 interesting sites, such as revolutionary sites, ancient stockade villages, ancient temples and nunneries, old trees, and odd rocks.

You can also enjoy the beautiful clouds after the rain and appreciate the sunrise at dawn. This place is known for its beauty, and for this reason, it has attracted countless notable poets and authors, such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Dongpo, and Ouyang Xiu, and inspired many poems and prose pieces.

The natural stone caves here are breathtaking. To the southeast of the dominant peak is Laolong Caves (老龙洞). Flowing through it are three streams; sometimes, depending on the weather, mist will flow out of the cave openings.

Its unique natural environment makes it a great place to acquire natural high-quality produce. Here you can try the home-cooked meals and enjoy wild herbs, local tea, and delicious meat. An activity that is quite popular is fishing; rather than fish with a rod and reel, visitors can learn to catch fish with their bare hands.

A two-day tour of the Sanjiao Mountains, which includes sightseeing and a canyon rafting expedition, is strongly recommended. The cost is only around RMB 400 per person. With a length of 12 kilometers, the Sanjiao Mountains Valley (三角山峡谷) lies within the park; it is a natural valley running from south to north. The rafting route measures 3.6 kilometers; the elevation drops by 118 meters along the way.

On the expedition, you will see many wonderful sights and have grand adventures. Some of these scenes include the Sanjiao Mountains Reservoir (三角山水库), a channel constructed on Yanmei Cliff (燕眉崖), the unique local flora and fauna, the Widow Bridge (寡妇桥), and the underground river.


Drive along the Wuhan-Huangshi Expressway (武黄高速), exit at Huangshi (黄石), and cross the Huangshi Bridge (黄石大桥). Then follow the road signs to Xishui (浠水) and Luyang (绿杨), and finally you will arrive at the Sanjiao Mountains.