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Shennong Peak Scenic Area

Source: hubei.gov.cn 07/18/2016 04:07:49


Shennong Peak Scenic Area is located at the southwest of Shennongjia, with a total area of about 883.6 square kilometers, it is a natural ecological tour area taking the well-reserved primitive ecological system as the background, and ecological multiplicity as the characteristics, embodying the harmonious co-existence between human and the nature as the theme, and it is one of the key scenic area in Shennongjia.

Shengnongjia scenic area belongs to the transition area of the north subtropic and middle subtropic. The average annual temperature is 7.9℃, the highest is 36.4℃, and the lowest is -17.7℃. Besides, every June and April are the rain season, the yearly rainfall can reach to 1440mm. Because of the complicated landform and abundant rainfall, the thick cloud and mist often gives you mysterious feeling.


In the scenic area, resources of animals and plants are very rich, with a well-protected subtropical forest ecological system. The area has fascicular plants for 2419 kinds, of which 34 kinds are the key o?nes under the national protection, vertebrate for 336 kinds, of which animals for 75 kinds, birds for 308 kinds, amphibians for 23 kinds, reptiles for 40 kinds, fishes for 47 kinds, of which 67 are under the key protection of the nation, as well as more than 600 insects. Its biological multiplicity has significance globally. The complete forest ecological system has an important and realistic significance for the ecological balance of the middle and lower reaches of the whole Yangtze River and the whole Central China region, and has become a natural barrier for Central China, known as "Green Treasury", "Plant Gene Bank", "Natural Zoo", "Hundred Herbal Medicine Garden" and "Shelter for Animal and Plants o?n the Verge of Extinction". The highest peak- Shennong Peak amounts to 3105.4m, called " the First Peak in Central China".

Its unique geological environment and complex and multiple climate types has created the mysterious legend of this verdant and beautiful forest world, and become the natural scenic area of China, with most attractiveness and representation, it is praised as irreplaceable world monopolized tour resource by relevant experts, and it is an ideal famous scenic area of ecological tour.