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Gold Cave

Source: Changjiang Weekly 06/28/2016 08:06:09

Gold Cave (黄金洞) was known as Black Cave in ancient times, when it was a place for the Tusi or chieftain to hide treasures and station troops. It lies at the junction of Enshi, Lichuan and Xianfeng.

According to a joint investigation of cave experts from China and Belgium, the cave took shape before the Jurassic Period and has a history of 150 million years. It features a rare geological wonder with a brilliant history of human civilization. It is honored as a world-class natural and cultural treasure.

When standing in the cave, you can see huge stalactites passing from the ceiling to the floor and magnificent calcified ponds dazzling with their brilliant displays. In the cave, you will be shocked and enchanted by the vast Great Canyon and have fun on the sightseeing rope bridge.

Tickets: ¥80 per person