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Delicious freshwater snails

Source: Changjiang Weekly 09/07/2016 05:09:56

Foodies in Wuhan, have you enjoyed crawfish this summer? Because the crawfish season is almost over, high-quality crawfish is becoming harder to find. So, what should you try next? In this issue, we will introduce another aquatic delicacy—freshwater snails (田螺).

The Mid-Autumn Festival will be here in just a few weeks. Eating freshwater snails during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition in many Chinese cities. The snail meat is both delicious and rich in nutrition. Folk wisdom suggests that a person can improve or protect their eyesight if he or she eats freshwater snails during the Mid-Autumn Festival. When studied, the snails were found to contain significant amounts of Vitamin A, which is important for the formation of visual pigment in the eye. Mid-Autumn Festival is the good season to taste the freshwater snails because around that time the snails are infertile and are free of eggs, which detract from the great taste of the snail meat.

In this issue, the Changjiang Weekly will introduce some great restaurants and shops which offer freshwater snails.

Restaurant recommendation

Spicy Freshwater Snails (螺辣耳朵)

This restaurant sells snails as a street snack; just the same, it is quite refined, and the snails are very clean. Interestingly, customers can order snails via Weibo and WeChat, and the food can be delivered right to your door. If you are unsure whether or not you will like freshwater snails, this restaurant offers free samples. A small bowl of freshwater snails costs RMB 5, and a large bowl costs RMB 8.

Address: Between Wanda Plaza and Baolijin International Plaza, Jianghan District 江汉区万达和宝丽金大厦之间

Average Spending: RMB 5

Maodousao's Specialty Store (毛豆嫂专卖店)

The freshwater snails available at this store are primarily served marinated.

When people eat freshwater snails, they cannot fully enjoy them if the freshwater snails are too large or too small. The freshwater snails here are just the right size, and they are just RMB 5 per bowl. The black sauce and soup is made from Chinese prickly ash and other seasonings. The freshwater snails are served in soup out of a large pot. The spicy taste is mixed with a sweet one. It's quite enjoyable.

Address: Guangba Road, Hongshan District 洪山区广八路

Average Spending: RMB 5

Chulaozhu's Stewed Duck Neck Store (楚老朱鸭脖卤品)

Although this store is known for its duck neck, they also offer freshwater snails. The most important thing when it comes to eating freshwater snails is cleanliness. This store claims to maintain the highest standards for cleanliness through the preparation process.

They also offer other stewed dishes to go along with the snails.

Address: 464 Rui'an Street (opposite to Nanhu Maternity Hospital) 瑞安街464号(南湖妇产医院对面)

Average Spending: RMB 15

Sichuan-flavored Fried Freshwater Snails (味之良川味炒田螺)

For the fried freshwater snails, a large bowl is priced at RMB 10, and a small one is RMB 5. They are all fried together in one large pot. The end result is delicious.

Address: Snack Street, Shouyi Garden, 232 Pengliuyang Road, Wuchang District 武昌区彭刘杨路232号首义园小吃一条街

Average Spending: RMB 10

Wutai Dabutong Barbecue Snacks (吴太大不同烧烤小吃)

Freshwater snails taste better if they are spicy and boiled. The squid here is also worth trying. If you are into spicy food, this is the place to be.

Address: 1F Gongyi Building, 744 Zhongshan Avenue, Jianghan District 江汉区中山大道744号工艺大楼1楼

Average Spending: RMB 10

Stir-fried freshwater snails