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Laowancheng Plum Juice

Source: hubei.gov.cn 08/29/2016 05:08:18

In the past, trolleys peddling plum juice could be seen everywhere in Wuhan. A cup of plum juice cost only five fens (1/20 of one yuan). Although it could be purchased everywhere, for the local citizens in Wuhan, Laowancheng was and still is considered the best and most authentic place for plum juice.

Established in 1910, Laowancheng was originally a store for cigarettes, alcohol, and non-staple foods. When sales began to decline, some shareholders suggested that Laowancheng mimic stores in Beijing and sell plum juice in the summer. More than a century has passed, and Laowancheng is still making plum juice available to the public.

Laowancheng stews its own plum juice. The hawthorns from Shandong and Shanxi are characterized by their moderately sweet and sour taste and excellent flavor. The smoked plums from Guangdong have small kernels and thick pulps, which helps produce saliva and quench thirst.

Laowancheng Plum Juice 老万成酸梅汤

Address: 835 Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou (near Qianjin'er Road) 汉口中山大道835号(近前进二路)