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Chinese Jing Wine

Source: hubei.gov.cn 08/12/2016 05:08:30


Chinese Jing Wine is a local specialty of Dazhi, Huangshi. Through 50 years' steady development, Hubei Jing Brand, founded in 1953, has become a professional health food enterprise. It initially succeeded by developing a series of products dominated by beverages that promoted health through liquor alone, like health wine.


The faint-scented Xiaoqu liquor is brewed with the spring water from Mufu Mountain and Chinese Jing Wine is brewed with authentic medicinal materials using the latest digital extraction technologies. It contains various amino acids, organic acids, trace elements essential to human body and other nutrients. It possesses the function of resisting fatigue and regulating ones immune system. Jing Wine is a healthier way to enjoy drinking while maintaining a healthy life concept.

Ingredients: High-quality liquor, water, common yam rhizome, rhizome curculiginis, angelica sinensis, cistanche, fruit of Chinese wolfberry, astragalus mongholicus, herba epimedii, cinnamon, syzygium aromaticum and rock sugar.

Health effect: Jing Wine has the health function of "resisting fatigue and regulating immune system," and is officially approved by the Ministry of Health. This means, drinking an appropriate amount of it can not only satisfy your desire for a drink but can also regulate your body.

Way to drink:

1. Amount: The authoritative study indicates it is advisable to keep the daily intake of alcohol within 1ml/kg of one's body weight. If the weight of a person is 60kg, then it is inadvisable for him/her to drink more than 200ml of wine with an alcohol concentration of 35 percent. Therefore, it is recommended to control the drinking amount of Jing Wine to 50ml~150ml a day.

2. Frequency: The alcohol and functional ingredients of Jing Wine participate in metabolism after they enter human body. In order to reduce the burden of metabolism from alcohol, the drinking interval of Jing Wine should be four hours at least. It is the best to drink it 1~2 times a day.

3. Temperature: 20℃ is the best drinking temperature as the flavor-related ingredients of Jing Wine are volatilized steadily at this temperature. In summer, it may be served together with ice cubes or after cooled with ice at around 10℃. In winter, it may be heated before drinking, but it should not be too hot, otherwise excessive flavor-related ingredients will be volatilized. The wine temperature in winter should be controlled at around 40℃.

4. Season: Jing Wine is mainly for health preservation and fitness and has an effect of health care and keeping fit. It may be drunk in the four seasons. Drinking an appropriate amount of Jing Wine throughout the year may regulate the internal environment of human body and help human body adapt to the changes of four seasons and restore a dynamic balance.


Jing Wine was borne from the TCM theory "kidney is the congenital base of life," and adopts the time-honored royal healthcare formulae. Based on the essence of TCM dating back 5,000 years, modern biotechnology has applied to scientifically optimize the formulae. The wine contains the essence of many famous and precious medicinal materials.

The design of the health care function of Jing Wine follows the TCM principle of "addressing both the symptoms and root causes." The functional test proves: Jing Wine contains dozens of purely natural active ingredients like polysaccharide and flavone as well as trace elements, which have a balanced ratio and broad acting effect. These can effectively activate the immune system of human body and promote the immune function of cells and body fluid.

Jing Wine can also activate the anti-fatigue function of human body, participate in the regulation of energy metabolism of human body, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid due to combustion of carbonhydrates, effectively eliminate the ammonia, lactic acid, urea and other metabolic rubbish resulting from fatigue, and avoid brain fatigue and muscle pain. In addition, it may also improve blood circulation, promote microcirculation and enhance the function of supplying oxygen to brain and muscles, thus dispelling fatigue.

Jing Wine is good, but drink it in moderation

Jing Wine contains a moderate concentration of alcohol and various kinds of nutritional and functional ingredients, is slightly sweet and tastes good. Some consumers feel good when they drink it in the first time. They think the wine is not very strong, so they do not control the amount, resulting in excessive drinking. Some consumers overstate their drinking capacity and drink too much Jing Wine, resulting in drunkenness. The drunkenness one might experience from the Jing Wine health wine may make you more uncomfortable than the drunkenness from ordinary liquor because of the following two reasons:

1. Health wine contains multiple kinds of functional ingredients. They and alcohol participate in metabolism all through liver, so when people are drunk from health wine, the metabolic burden will be even heavier and it takes longer to recover.

2. The ingredients of health wine excite body functions after drunkenness. Even if you are in a sleeping state, some cells of cerebral cortex will still be excited, causing discomfort.

Jing Wine is good, but don't drink too much! We remind you of self restraint and moderate drinking. This way, you can not only enjoy the fun of drinking but also acquire greater health.