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Wuhan East-Lake Plum Blossom Festival(Location:Wuhan East-Lake)

Huangpao Mountain revolutionary culture tourist Festival(Location:Xianning)

Shennongjia International Skiing Festival (Location: Shennongjia)


Torch Festival Location(Xiangyang)

Chuan Tian Festival, Local Valentine’s day(Location:Xiangyang)

Dragon Dance Festival(Location:Xiaogan)


Wuhan Cherry Blossom Festival (Location: Wuhan East-Lake, University of Wuhan)

Xishui Rape flower Festival (Location:Huanggang)

Guanyinyan Temple Fair for celebrating Buddha’s birth (Location:Jingmen)

The No. 5th Jingmen Rape flower Festival (Location:Jingmen)

“3rd March” Temple fair of Wudang Moutain (Location:Shiyan)

Pear Flower Festival (Location:Laohekou)

Peach Flower Festival (Location:Suizhou)

“3rd March” folk Temple fair (Location:Huangshi)

>Xinzhou Flower Festival (Location:Xinzhou District, Wuhan)