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Xiaogan rice wine

Source: hubei.gov.cn 08/10/2016 05:08:26


Xiaogan rice wine is a traditional local snack of Hubei and has a history of one thousand years. It is made from glutinous rice produced in Xiaogan through fermentation with the unique Fengwo yeast, which is handed down from generations to generations in Xiaogan. Xiaogan rice wine has a snow white color, has a marvelous smell, a sweet and refreshing taste and an appropriate viscosity. It promotes the secretion of body fluid, warms up stomach and has a lasting aftertaste. In 1958, when Chairman Mao visited Xiaogan, he tried Xiaogan rice wine and spoke highly of its taste.

It is made from high-quality glutinous rice through saccharifying fermentation with Fengwo yeast – a special yeast prepared in Xiaogan. The mature stock rice wine is clear, jade green, fragrant and sweet and contains rich vitamins, glucose, amino acids and other nutrients. Drinking it can stimulate appetite, keep up spirit, invigorate qi, replenish blood, nourish yi and tonify kidney. It is particularly good for puerperal women and during a women's menstrual period. It is an ideal nutritional product suitable for both the young and the old.

Classical allusion

Xiaogan rice wine has been famous since the Ming Dynasty. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, a man opened "Luyuanxing Rice Wine Shop" in the county seat of Xiaogan, selling rice wine. In the summer it was very hot so the rice milk used to make rice wine fermented. When the boss Lu Youbai was going to discard the rice milk, a regular customer came and wanted a bowl of rice wine. The boss said: "Sorry, there is none left." However, the customer saw the fermented rice milk and said, "I see it there." The boss had to confess that the rice milk had turned bad. The customer said, "I am so thirsty. Please cook one bowl for me. I will pay you no matter whether it is good or bad." In the end, the boss boiled one bowl of the fermented rice milk for the customer. To his surprise, the customer praised him after taking a sip of the wine. He said it was better than what Boss Lu had made before. The boss did not believe him so he took a sip too. He noticed the taste was different and more mellow. Unconsciously, he created a century-old brand.