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Drop-dregs Cake of Tujia

Source: hubei.gov.cn 05/19/2016 04:05:46

Tujia Drop-dregs Cake is also known as Enshi Tujia Cake. Over a century ago, when a group of migrants came to settle in Enshi, Hubei Province, where the Tujia ethnic group inhabited, the recipe of a cake variety was introduced to them. In accordance with their own diet habit, the Tujia people created a cake of their own distinct features – they had the cake surface covered with scattered stuffing. Their new recipe was widely spread all over China, and these cakes become indispensable to the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups in Enshi.

It is a female college student from Wuhan who made the Tujia Drop-dregs Cake extremely famous. As a native of Tujia Autonomous Prefecture in Enshi, Hubei, She is quite fond of the cakes cooked by her grandmother from childhood. Her grandmother's cakes were so impressive that she thought it might become a "hot cake" in Wuhan. Therefore, she tried almost all means to raise enough money and finally started her first shop of Tujia cakes in Wuhan. At that time, there was a popular saying among Chinese youth - "shuai dao diaozha" (diaozha means drop dregs), namely, "you are extremely handsome". This saying was quite similar to the characteristics of Tujia cake: when people are eating the cake, some of the stuffing is easy to drop. Thus the student borrowed the last two characters from the popular saying and renamed her cake "diaozha'er" (drop-dregs cake). That's the origin of the cake's name.