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Mulan Mountain

The Mulan Mountain is AAAA-level national scenic areas, the Millennium religious landmarks and national geological parks which located 55km to the north of Huangpi District with an elevation of 582.1 meters. It has “three names” of god’s area, stones area and harmonious area since ancient times.

-It is named god’s area for the tale of “Buddha in Mulan Mountain should be far yet near”. Mulan Shan is a famous religious mountain of 1500 years with seven palaces, eight Taoist temples, thirty-six halls and thousands of Buddha Statues. Mulan Mountain was originally built in Sui and Tang Dynasties but prosperous in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its mysterious and efficacious reputation annually attracts Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places nearly a million pilgrims.

-It is named stones area for many singular shape or spirit likeness stones such as Chessboard Stone, Dragon’s Tail Stone, Sword Stone and Dismount Stone and Human’s Face stone etc. Mulan Shan the stones are masterpiece of nature orogeny 750 million years ago, is one of the world's final few ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belts with most complete preservation and obvious geographical features, geologists said it is a "geological museum" gathered inter fold and schistosity fold together.

-It is named harmonious area because Buddhism and Taoism enjoy incense together in the mountain for thousands of years. Buddhism and Taoism with different sources but been harmonious in one place to bless mankind.

Mulan Mountain is named of the story that Hua Mulan once was served in the army instead of her father. The profound Mulan culture make every mountains, rivers, trees and grass here full of the moving legend of

General Mulan and "Mulan spirit" of "loyalty, filial piety, courage and integrity”. Mulan trees, Mulan Hall, the Jade Emperor Attic and Prayer Hall such a large number of sites related to legend of Mulan make the mountain more miraculous. Mulan Mountain is a famous revolution cradle and birthplace of the Red Army 7.

The magic Mulan Mountain makes its inspiration spread everywhere.