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Plan of Work in 2018

Source: hubei.gov.cn 01/25/2018 04:01:51

Highlights of the plan for 2018


-Achieve a growth rate of 7.5 per cent in Gross Regional Product

-Increase new jobs for 700,000 people in cities and towns

-Keep the residents' income growth at the same pace as economic growth

-Comprehensively complete the task of energy-saving emission reduction issued by the state

Targeted poverty alleviation

-To reduce the poor rural population by 1.046 million people and get 17 poor counties out of poverty

-To enhance targeted assistance to poor elderly people, people with disabilities, and people with severe illness

-To increase the policy support and poverty alleviation funds merge and promote industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, health poverty alleviation and relocation from inhospitable areas

Three-year plan to build a strong transportation province

-To accelerate the construction of Wuhan as the middle reaches of the Yangtze River shipping center, the comprehensive transportation hub of the Three Gorges and the modern shipping system of the Hanjiang River

-To speed up the construction of Hubei international logistics core hub and Jingzhou Airport

-To promote construction of "four good rural roads"

Construction of Beautiful and livable villages

-To carry out three-year measures to renovate dilapidated houses and improve rural living environments

-To better ensure access to safe drinking water of 2 million rural people

-To renovate 80,000 dilapidated rural houses and newly build 10,000 kilometers of roads in rural areas

-To construct 1,000 green demonstration villages and complete comprehensive environment renovation in 1,000 villages

Keep the beautiful scenery

-To carrying out "Green Shield" plan in the nature reserves

-To support the construction of Huanggang Dabieshan World Geopark

-To strengthen the protection of Shennongjia National Park

Multilevel social security

-To carry out "Hubei Social Security Sharing Plan" and promote the participation of the whole people.

-To increased pension standards for retirees and urban and rural residents

-To raise standards for subsistence allowances, benefits for entitled groups and increase the minimum wage

-To strengthen the basic protection of the difficult and special groups

Equitable and quality education

-To ease the burden of primary and secondary school students and to solve the problems of school selection heat and large classes

-To implement a new three-year plan for preschool education, and to build up and expand kindergartens in town and village center

-To start the high school education program

-To improve the subsidy system for poor students

Implementation of major projects

-To concentrate on the construction of 200 key provincial key projects.

-To accelerate the construction of major projects as national memory base, commercial space base, BYD new energy bus, GAC Yichang base and Jianghan strategic gas storage

Talents selection

-To implementing outstanding overseas talents introduction doubling plan and to introduce a group of scientific and technological talents with international level and high level innovation teams

-To promote "I choose Hubei" plan to promote the employment of college students in Hubei.

-To strengthen skilled personnel training and cultivate more "Hubei craftsmen"

New types of urbanization promotion

-To implement three-year initiative for urban construction green development

-To develop intelligent cities, green cities and cultural cities

-Scientific planning and development of small towns and small towns

-To deepen the reform of the household registration system

Higher quality employment

-To implement "Hubei Employment Promotion Plan"

-To promote employment and business startups of college graduates

-To carry out employment skills training and employment training mechanism reform and to encourage business startups to drive employment

Multi-channel housing security

-To accelerate the housing system in establishment of multi supply, multi-channel support and build a better housing system that gives equal weight to buying and renting

-To increase public rental housing guarantee, to start a new three-year plan for renovation of shanty towns and to start construction of 240,000 sets of government-subsidized housing

Medical and health service system improvement

-To deepen the reform of public hospitals and to extend tiered diagnosis and treatment system

-To implement the basic medical insurance system in urban and rural areas in an all-round way

-To accelerate the building of a nationwide information network for basic health insurance so that healthcare costs can be settled directly where incurred

-To strengthen regulation over food and medicine safety