Hubei's Action

Hubei breaks embankment to prevent possible flood overflow

The Hubei provincial government decided to break the embankment between Liangzi Lake and Niushan Lake on July 12 to prevent possible flood overflow over the dike. The operation was executed in the morning of July 14.【more】

Watchful guardians of Yangtze

Record rainfall means Li Jianqiang is preparing for a visit from an old adversary; floods. He has been on "dike watch" since 1981. The embankments of the Yangtze and Hanjiang rivers are being patrolled by over 25,000 people, like Li Jianqiang, in anticipation of a new round of rain from July 12 following Typhoon Nepartak.【more】

16,000 residents transferred to safe place in central China's flood-hit township

Torrential rains of up to 382.2 millimeter lingered from June 30 to July 5 in Xiaosi Township of Wuhan City, endangering embankments. Local government has organized vehicles to transfer 16,000 residents.【more】

Hong'an government provides medical service for victims

On July 4, the local government of Hong'an County organized 36 youth teams to the relocation sites at Huajiahe, Qiliping, Mi'ershi, Baliwan to provide medical service for the people afflicted by the flood.【more】

Work together to fight against floods

While flood raged across Hubei, tens of thousands of soldiers, policemen, cadres and the masses devoted themselves into disaster prevention and relief. They restructed the breached rivers, prevented danger and fighted against floods. They rescued the people trapped by the flood in the downpour and raging torrent. They built lines of defense with sandbags on their shouders and spades in their hands. 【more】

Moving Moment