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Shanxi Province

Source: hubei.gov.cn 06/03/2016 05:06:30

Shanxi province is an inland province of China, which is located on the east bank of the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the Loess Plateau in the west of Huabei Plain. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and separated from the neighboring provinces by very distinctive natural borders. In the east it is next to Hebei province; in the west and south it is separated by the Yellow River from Shannxi province and Henan province respectively; in the north it neighbors Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with the outer great wall as the border between them.

The local GDP reached 1,240 billion Yuan, a 10% increase year-on-year.

The fiscal revenue surpassed 260 billion Yuan, a 15% increase year-on-year. The general budget income surpassed 144.5 billion Yuan and increased by more than 19%.

The per capita income of residents of the urban and rural areas reached 20,300 Yuan and 6,330 Yuan respectively, increasing by 12% and 13% respectively.

The total sales of the social consumer goods reached 450 billion Yuan and increased by 16%.

The comprehensive consumption of energy of production worth 10,000 Yuan and the water consumption of the added value of 10,000 Yuan industry and the emission-reduction of the main pollutants all realize the preset goals.

The sum of import and export reached 14.8 billion Yuan.

Year of the completion of programs

The fixed-asset investment of the whole society reached 915 billion Yuan.

The investment structure has been optimized further and the private investment has increased by about 33%, accounting for 48% of the total investment. The investment in the newly-developed industry and non-coal industry has increased by 42.8% and 67% respectively.

The investment in non state-owned, non-coal, non-traditional and non-high-energy-consuming industries has increased by 34.1%, 33.4%, 47.8% and 22.2%, respectively.

It is estimated that the 1,600 billion Yuan has been invested in the key programs during the whole year and 1100 billion Yuan has been invested in the key projects of province-level and city-level realizing the goal of “Double surpassing 1,000 billion Yuan”.(Differing from the statistics of the fixed-asset investment the whole society)


50 billion Yuan has been invested in railway construction and 1,900 km is being built which is more than half of the railway transport distance of the whole province.

1,000 km expressway has been built and the total travel distance has surpassed 5,000 km.

The total travel distance of the highway has reached 136,800 km and 136,800 km street in the rural areas has been hardened. The goal of connecting towns by expressways, counties by classified highways, villages by cement asphalt roads and houses by hardening streets has come true.

The new installed electric power capacity has increased by 5.1 million KW and the whole electric power capacity has reached 58.1 million KW.

Construction of the experiment area for the transformation of types and comprehensive reform

General Plan of the experiment area for the transformation of types and comprehensive reform was officially ratified in early August. The programs including “One city, two counties”, “One city, one garden”, “One county, one corporation” and key provincial state-owned corporations will be the first to carry out the experiment. In addition, the model programs will be promoted more quickly.

Fast development of the transformation of types

Upgrading of traditional industries

The production of coals and the shipment have amounted to 0.9 billion Yuan and 0.56 billion Yuan, respectively. The sale of the whole industry has broken through 1,000 billion Yuan.

With the integrated development of coal power electricity, coke, coal chemical industry and coal machine, the installed power electric capacity of the coal enterprises in the whole province has amounted to 20 million KV; the production capacity of coking has reached 50 million tons; the production capacity of the synthetic ammonia and urea has amounted to 15 million tons; the sale of the coal machine has surpassed 10 billion Yuan.

The installed power electric capacity generated by the coal gangue has amounted to 5.845 million KV.

31 programs of producing methanol and alkene with coke oven gas have been put into production and the whole production capacity has amounted to more than 4 million tons.

With 4 national-level circular pilot cities, 15 pilot garden areas, and 121 pilot units as the guide, more than 80% of the 100 circular economic programs with 140 billion Yuan investment have been put into production.

Newly-rising industries are developing fast

The total revenue of tourism has reached 181 billion Yuan and increased by 35.1%.

Led by the high-tech industries such as cell phones, solar photovoltaic, LED chips and cloud computing, the production of the electronic products has doubled year-on-year.

The modern logistics business is promoted and the coal trade has been made through online transactions.

Energy-saving and emission-reduction and ecological environment

550,000 tons of little steel industry, 1.015 million tons of little coke industry, 62,000 KV little thermal power industry and little cement industry have been eliminated.

The comprehensive utilization rate of resources and a large amount of industrial solid waste both have reached higher than 50%.

PM2.5 test has been made in all the cities in the whole province.

The air quality of 11 key cities all has met the national second-class standard.

4.6 million acres of trees have been planted.

The ground water level has increased by 0.38m on average.

The index of people’s happiness has risen

143.7 billion Yuan has been invested in programs directly associated with the people’s livelihood by the department of finance of different levels, which has increased by 22% accounting for more than half of the whole expenditure.

409,000 indemnificatory apartments are being constructed and 180,000 have been completed to help more than 600,000 people with housing problems have their own houses.

The registered unemployment rate in cities has been kept at about 3.4%; during the whole year, 510,000 people have got employed in cities; 425,000 rural labor forces have been transferred; the employment rate of college graduates this year has reached 90%. All mentioned above have made a record in history.

115 agricultural counties with 13.79 million people have started paying for the New Rural Insurance.

The pension of the retirees from enterprises has been increased for 8 times and the monthly per capita has amounted to 1,837 Yuan which ranks top of the six provinces in middle China.

8,120,000 farmer families can get 1 ton of coals for free.

By the end of November, the accidents of safe production and casualties have decreased by 15.7% and 1.5% respectively. The death rate for the production of each 1 million tons of coal is 0.096 which is the lowest in China.

Steady coordinated development of the urban and rural areas

The urbanization rate of the whole province has surpassed 51% and the province has entered the primary city-type society.

Resolution to make the farmers’ income double has been made and released. 10 policies which aim to strengthen farmers, benefit farmers and help farmers become rich have been released as well. during the whole year, 90.7 billion Yuan have been invested in agriculture, rural areas and farmers, increasing by 30%.

345 new projects of “One Village One Well” have been established. The actual irrigation area has amounted to 19 million acres. The production of crops have broken through 10 million kilograms for 3 consecutive years and amounted to 12.74 billion kilograms this year which has made a record in history.

4,000 villages of “One Village, One Product”and 60 base counties of “One County, One Industry” have begun to take shape.

The sale of the processing industry of agricultural goods has surpassed 80 billion Yuan, increasing by more than 30%.

The new “Five Complete Coverage Projects” in the rural area have been completed.

Another 400,000 people have got rid of poverty.

The cultural soft power of Shanxi province is upgraded

The contribution rate of the cultural tourism industry ranks top in the third industry.

4 works have won the award of Five “One”Project for the construction of the national spiritual civilization.

The key cultural projects which benefit the farmers such as the rural bookrooms, and village-level comprehensive cultural activity rooms have covered almost all the rural areas.

31 museums, 126 libraries, 131 cultural centers and all the cultural stations in towns are open to the public for free.

Our athletes got a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal in the 30th Olympic Games.

All the key provincial cultural facilities have been completed and more than 30,000 cultural and sport places have been built.

The phase task of the reform of cultural system has been completed which ranks ahead in China.