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CSEPDI’s projects in multiple countries

Source: hubei.gov.cn 06/03/2016 05:06:50

Brief introduction to CSEPDI:

Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute (CSEPDI) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, located on Minzhu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan, and founded in 1954 under China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, is a domestic well-known enterprise with abundant comprehensive strength in power design and EPC contracting.

Over the past six decades, CSEPDI has designed power generation, power transmission and transformation projects in 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and more than 30 countries. By the end of 2013, CSEPDI had designed over 200 power generation projects that were put into operation totaling over 79740 MW capacity, including five 1000 MW units, twenty-nine 600 MW units, and ninety-seven 300 MW units. Over 210 power transformation projects designed by CSEPDI had been put into operation totaling over 152.36 million KVA, including 106 power transformation projects above 500KV. It had also designed over 310 power transmission projects totaling over 37,366km in length, including 30,719km of line above 500kV.