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WEI Hankui: Go China, go Wuhan!

Source: Organizing Committee 10/17/2019 11:10:54
Comments from the 75th torchbearer WEI Hankui (CHN) at the last station of the 7th CISM Military World Games torch relay on October 16.
WEI Hankui said:
On the torch relay:
“Such a big event is being held in Wuhan, and I happen to work at the East Lake Greenway [venue for marathon and road cycling]. I was so happy and excited to learn that I was able to take part in the torch relay.
"The last station is located in the East Lake, whose beautiful landscape is very suitable for this event and it can also represent the image of Wuhan. What I want to say is ‘Go China. Go Wuhan’.
“I have worked here for many years. People used to call me ‘Mr. Commentator’, because I always tell stories about the East Lake and Greenway. Now I’ve become a torchbearer. This is the first time for the Military Games to be held in China, and I am really proud of it.”

On the East Lake Greenway:
“The green mountain, calm lake, flowers and birds form the pictoral scenery of the East Lake. Apart from that, the Greenway is well built. The construction of Greenway is a great project for people’s livelihood. Its completion has enriched the citizens' leisure life.
"It can be both a scenic spot for sightseeing, and a place for  exercise. The Greenway is a ‘Happy Way’.”
On the torchbearer uniforms:
“My uniform has been ‘reserved’ already. Many friends asked me to lend it to them for photographing after I finish my task, as well as the torch.
“The moment we put on the uniform, we put on responsibility and honour as well. We should pass on our mission and responsibility to others. If tourists come here in the future, I will definitely publicise the 7th WMG, share the great event with them.”