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LI Xiaoshuang: I'm glad to be the torchbearer of the Games and to share the honour with more people

Source: Organizing Committee 10/17/2019 11:10:50
Comments from the 14th torchbearer, double Olympic champion gymnast LI Xiaoshuang (CHN) at the last station of the 7th CISM Military World Games torch relay on October 16.
LI Xiaoshuang said:
On his feelings as a torchbearer:
“It’s my pleasure. It feels so different to participate in games as a professional athlete and a sports fan. Now I have become a torchbearer, which means more of a sense of responsibility and calling, and of course, honour.
“I will share this experience with my family and friends. I’m glad to be the torchbearer of the Games after I retired and to share the honour with more people.
"Although the time is short and the distance is only 70 metres, I also hope to present my smile and the best conditions to everyone.”
On his preparations:
“I happened to join the torch relay with TIAN Bingyi, who was the 13th and I was the 14th. Each of us ran about 70 metres. We communicated briefly about how to ignite, hold the torch and relay before we started.
"The whole process only lasted for one minute, so we didn’t design any special action. Instead, we would like to convey more of the spirit of the Games.”
On the torchbearers' uniform:
“I think it is good, with Chinese features. They are white, red and yellow. Red is the main colour, which indicates the national flag of China. Shoes are also red. All of them have auspicious meanings.”