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Source: 7th CISM Military World Games 10/16/2019 08:10:59

Orienteering events will be organized in accordance with the latest regulations of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and the CISM Orienteering regulations.
Totally there are 8 disciplines, including: men's / women's individual middle distance, men's / women's individual long distance, men's / women's relay, and men's / women's teams.
Each mission may register 2 men teams and 1 women team in each relay event with 3 athletes per team.
Start Interval:
Individual Middle Distance (Men): 1 Minute (Dispersion);
Individual Middle Distance (Women): 2 Minutes;
Individual Long Distance (Men): 1 Minute (Dispersion);
Individual Long Distance (Women): 2 Minutes. Basis Times of the Race:
Competition Venue
Jiangxia District Orienteering Venue