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Applying for Wuhan Tong (City Smart Card)

Source: Changjiang Weekly 03/30/2016 16:03:23

Wuhan Tong is a card to pay for public transportation in Wuhan.

1. Where can I buy a Wuhan Tong?

Wuhan Tong is available at the following stores in Wuhan: Zhongbai Supermarket(中百超市), Zhongshang Supermarket(中商平价), Lihong Supermarket(丽红超市), Zhiyin Supermarket(知音超市), Aierkang Pharmacy (爱尔康大药房) and Wuhan Minxin Pharmacy(武汉民心大药房).

2. What do I need to get a Wuhan Tong?

No credential is required when buying a Wuhan Tong. You can get your own Wuhan Tong once you pay a fee (including deposit) ranging from ¥ 20 to ¥ 35, varying according to category.

3. How can I recharge my Wuhan Tong?

Wuhan Tong can be recharged at any place where they are sold. Each recharge should be no less than ¥30 and its total saving no more than ¥1,000. The number of each recharge should be an integral multiple of ¥10 .

4. What can I do if I misplace my Wuhan Tong?

Wuhan Tong is not customized, so you cannot report the loss of it. If you can't find your Wuhan Tong, there is nothing you can do but to buy another one. Therefore, you should carry your Wuhan Tong closely with you in case it gets lost.

5. I am a temporary resident in Wuhan. Can I rent a Wuhan Tong instead of buying one?

Yes, you can.

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