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Obtaining an employment permit in Wuhan

Source: Changjiang Weekly 03/29/2016 15:03:16

Recently, several foreigners from Iran, Lebanon, and Cameroon asked us about the methods for obtaining an employment permit in Wuhan. These individuals are predominantly foreign students studying in local universities.

After consulting the Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Changjiang Weekly acquired the following information.

According to the "Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China," any foreigner looking to obtain an employment permit in China must:

(1) be 18 - 60 years of age and in good health;

(2) have professional skills (at least a bachelor's degree) and job experience (no less than 2 years) related to the area of intended employment;

(3) have a clean criminal record;

(4) have a clearly-defined employer;

(5) have a valid passport or other international travel documents that can be used in lieu of the passport.

(More detailed information available at: http://english.gov.cn/2005-08/29/content_27366.htm)

Foreigners who have not been issued residence permits (individuals with F, L, C or G type visas), those who are affiliated with study or interim program, and the families of individuals in possession of employment visas are not permitted to work in China.

Anyone who meets the requirements for an employment permit should go to the main office of the Wuhan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to complete all necessary procedures and submit documents. Employment is only possible once the Employment Permit has been obtained. This permit is valid for one year.

Case explain:

Angela, a French student at Wuhan University, will soon graduate from college in June. She has been offered a position at a local company, but her student visa expires on July 18. For her to stay in Wuhan, she must acquire an employment permit and change the status of her visa. She consulted the Changjiang Weekly about how to get employment permits, and we provided her with the following information.

On May 7, the Changjiang Weekly published a report about the requirements for obtaining employment permits in Wuhan. Foreigners seeking employment in China may apply for an employment visa for their entry and may work within Chinese territory only after they obtain the employment permit for foreigners and a residence permit.

Those who are students or are part of internship programs in China and the families of holders of employment visas are not permitted to work in China. In special cases, employment may be allowed if the foreigner changes his status at the public security office with an employment license provided by his employer in accordance with the clearance procedures and corresponding rules. In this special case, the foreigner can acquire an employment permit.

For Angela, she must first return to France and apply for an employment visa. Only then will it be possible for her to work here in Wuhan.

Anyone who has a similar problem and needs further information can consult the Wuhan City Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department (English service provided). Other facilities that handle this kind of issue are located at the Wuhan Citizen's Home at 117 Jinqiao Road, Jiangan District (江岸区金桥大道117号市民之家C区) and the Wuhan Science and Technology Convention and Exhibition Center in the East Lake New Economic Development Zone (东湖新技术开发区科技会展中心1楼); office hours are 9:00A.M.-12:00 A.M. and 1:30P.M.-5:00 P.M., Monday to Friday.