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What foreign students can do to improve admission possibility

Source: hubei.gov.cn 08/24/2016 04:08:42

Whether the student will be admitted or not depends on university's assessment and judgment, if some agency promises that the student will be 100 percentages to be admitted, the students should make a careful choice, this kind of agencies probably charge lots of money, even it is likely to deceive. Our suggestion is that students make more preparation from the aspects of their own to improve admission possibility.

Make reasonable self-assessment

When choosing universities, students should carefully consider academic record, financial capacity,language proficiency and so on qualifications of the students themselves, make reasonable self-assessment, then choose the most suitable university. It is not that necessary to choose famous ones only.

Make clear about application date in advance and start the application as soon as possible

As it is that not all universities start their application at the same time, students should make clear about application date in advance, prepare application materials and start the application as soon as possible, do avoid application peak time, thus leaving more time for students to apply for other universities even if refused by the university.

Prepare materials according to requirements of the university

Each university may have special requirements for application materials, students had better prepare all the materials requested according to requirements of universities; it is unnecessary to submit materials which are not required.

Submit the general materials requested in time

Some application materials are complex to collect so that it may take longer time for students to prepare for, e.g. letter of recommendation. Therefore, students are usually suggested to submit basic materials first, such as valid passport, application form etc. Avoid submitting the materials till get all of them ready, it will make university delay the materials verifying.

Pay the registration fee earlier if possible

Other things being equal, the university will be preferential to verify materials of students who pay registration fee, for the reason that these students will be believed to have clear intention of study in China; part of universities will not verify students' materials until registration fee is paid.

Apply for more than 2 universities

Though sometimes the students is qualified to all the entrance requirements of Chinese universities, most Chinese universities will admit the excellent ones because of limited vacancies, in this case, we suggest students to apply for at least two Chinese universities in order to make it sure that the students will be admitted by at least one Chinese university; in case being admitted by both universities, the students can choose one that suitable. (editor: Ruan Xinqi, article contributed by AT0086.com)