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The things should be considered when choosing an university in China

Source: 08/11/2016 10:08:10

When choosing Chinese universities, it is necessary to take the preferred profession, purpose of studying in China, self-capacity, future career direction and so on the like factors into consideration. Student should comprehensively consider both university conditions and self qualifications, so as to choose suitable Chinese university for yourself reasonably.

The following factors can be considered when choosing Chinese universities

1. Strong comprehensive strength

2. Good international reputation (Diploma of the university has high global approval)

3. Public praise and rankings ( the university is in top list, enjoys good public praise)

4. High profession standard (National keynote discipline, outstanding research achievement)

5. Good facilities for profession study(Closely combined theory and practice profession, for example, Medical profession are equipped with instruments and equipments used in clinical operation)

6. Perspective employment and plenty of internship opportunities (in-depth and wide ranged cooperation with well-know enterprises home and abroad.

Making reasonable assessment about self qualifications

Students' graduation result

Students' graduation results provided during the application is key reference for the university to decide admit or not. The stronger comprehensive strength and better reputation the university has, the more strict requirement for student's graduation result will be.

Economy conditions

The cost of the study in China is relatively cheap, while daily expenses are not exactly the same in different areas. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other developed coastal cities, the daily expenses can be relatively higher than that of inland. These cities' living conditions are relatively higher, entertainment and recreational facilities are rich, so the cost is relatively higher. Therefore, when choosing universities, student take the economy conditions into account.

Location preference

China is a large country, the northern and southern China has many differences in climate and diet custom, each city has its own characteristics. The student sometime needs to consider that whether the climate conditions, traffic, diet, culture and so on of the city that university lies in are as expected before applying, so as to choose suitable universities

Which is more important when choosing universities, professional strength or comprehensive strength?

When choosing universities, students sometimes get stuck in the situation that which one is prior to be chose between professional strength and comprehensive strength. There is no absolutely answer actually. In China, universities can be divided into comprehensive and professional two kinds. The comprehensive universities have complete disciplines, set up disciplines in both liberal arts and science, it is large in school running scale and strong in scientific research; while the professional universities have less but centralized disciplines compared with that of the comprehensive ones, it is strong in specific profession. Usually, professional university doesn't have very large campus, while student activities in the university are usually full of strong professional elements. If you want to be better in profession study and research and make achievement in professional field, we suggest you to consider professional kind of university.

While if you want to get diploma of a university which is comprehensive strength strong and well-known, the comprehensive kind of university maybe better meet your demand.