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Hubei Provincial Scholarships

Source: China Scholarship Council 03/02/2016 16:03:54

Application Requirement

3.1 Applicants should be foreign citizens with valid passport and, should be friendly to China.

3.2 Applicants should be well-behaved, hardworking, grade excellent and in good health.

3.3 Requirements on applicants’ academic degree and age:

1. Undergraduate scholarship applicants should be within average age of 25 years old and have obtained degree equal to Chinese High School Degree or above.

2. Graduate Scholarship applicants should within the average of 30 year old and have obtained bachelor degree.

3. Doctorate Scholarship applicants should be within the average age of 35 years old and have obtained master’s degree.

4. All General Scholar Scholarship applicants should be within the average age of 40 years old and Chinese language scholars should have obtained Higher School Degree or above, professional scholars should have obtained bachelor’s degree or above or should be university students in grade 2 or above.

5. Advanced Scholar Scholarship applicants should have obtained master’s degree or above and associate professor title or above, and should be the average age of 50 years old.

3.4 The requirement for applicants’ Chinese language proficiency to be decided in accord with the major to be learned and language of instruction.

3.5 Applicants do not obtain any financial aid from Chinese government or other organizations.

Application Date Scholarship Applications should be accepted by all universities and colleges between February and June. More details would be provided by related universities and colleges.