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Yichang - Zaporazhyz, Ukraine

Source: hubei.gov.cn

Yichang and Zaporazhyz, Ukraine have been established sister city relationship since 16th October,1997.

The city is located in southern Ukraine and occupies both banks of the river at present. The city area equals 334 km2. The heightabove sea level in the city equals 50 m.

In the middle of the city is situated a pearl of Ukraine – the island Khortytsia (size – 12 km x 2 km), which splits the river into two streams called the New and Old Dnieper. The New Dnieper stream has the width about 800 m, the old one – 200 m. There are several small rivers in the city, which enter the Dnieper: Sukha and Mokra Moskovka, Kushugum, Verkhnia Khortytsia.

Flora of the island Khortytsia is a unique and exclusive, because of dry steppe air and a lot of fresh water around the island. Khortytsia is a national park. On the Khortytsia island there are many large ravines ("balka").

The city began with a small fortress, built in the steppe in 1775 during the reign of Catherine the Great in order to protect the southern territories from Turkish threats. Fort Alexander, founded in 1770, was only one link in the so-called "Dnieper Fortification Line"(RU). The fort was built on the left bank of the Dnieper River across from Khortytsia island. Historians are uncertain when asked in honour of which people the fort was named. Hypotheses were made about the names of Alexander Golitsyn, Alexander Vyazemsky, Alexander Rumyantsev. In 1921 the town was renamed in Zaporizhia (Zaporozhye) (literally, "beyond the rapids").

The Hubei establishment of international sister provinces and cities began in 1979. By the end of 2010, 67 sister provinces and cities have been established between Hubei province and provinces and cities of 28 countries around the world (18 sister province relationship, 16 sister city relationship with Wuhan city and 33 with other cities).
The sister province and state relationship between Hubei and the State of Ohio was the first sister province and state relationship between China and the United States.