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Anita: Wuhan, a city with enthusiastic people

Source: hubei.gov.cn 06/23/2017 04:06:43

Anita first heard of Wuhan, the capital city of central China's Hubei Province, when she was just a high-school student in her hometown in Australia. She got a pen pal from Wuhan Foreign Language School.

"Wuhan is a hot city with enthusiastic people,"  her pen pal wrote in her first letter 20 years ago. And now she has stayed in Wuhan for 6 years.

"I came to Wuhan as there was a chance to teach in China. Actually I had choices as Beijing and Guangzhou, but I decided to come to Wuhan to see this hot city and people," Anita said.

Her choice made her a long journey to the city. There was no direct flight from any Australian cities to Wuhan and she had to transfer which took much more time. Fortunately Wuhan now has about 37 international direct flights and the direct air-route from Wuhan to Sydney opened in January 2017.

"It is more convenient to come back my hometown and it is a signal that Wuhan is becoming an international,"  Anita said.

As about the hot city and its enthusiastic people, Anita agreed that Wuhan people were very enthusiastic, warmhearted and always ready to help. "The change is, people are more and more helpful as many local people can speak fluent English than that of 6 years ago." Anita added that parents attached great importance to English language education which she regards as a sign of Wuhan’s internationalization.

Anita pointed out that another sign of the city's opening-up and globalization was that imported commodities were easier to buy."Global brands and commodities are available in supermarket these days. I had to ask my family to send to me 6 years ago."

Anita will leave Wuhan this year. " I really love the city. It is my second hometown. Wuhan is a hot, beautiful and fast-developing city with enthusiastic people," said she.(by Roger Luo hubei.gov.cn)


   二十年前的武汉并没有很多外国人,有个外国笔友都是件特别值得高兴的事。在我上初中的时候,学校为了让我们提高写作水平,组织了寻找笔友的活动,写信给友好学校的外国朋友。写第一封时不知道对方是谁,需要自我介绍和询问对方,让对方自己选择。Wuhan is a hot city with enthusiastic people 是初中的我觉得自己写的非常好的句子,在信里,我问,澳大利亚的十二月是夏天,圣诞老人是什么样子, 还戴帽子坐雪橇吗?Anita后来写到,因为这个问题,她选中了我。自此开始了我们长达四年的笔友情谊。

   翘首以盼的日子是那么漫长却总有期待和希望。虽然有时候两个月才能收到一封信,但收到的时候总是很高兴。再后来中学毕业上了大学,有了email,到现在,有了微信,武汉也有了很多外国商品、外国面孔和外国企业, 可我却再也没有了向一个外国人倾诉心声的意愿。而我也早已经知道,这个世界,并没有真正的圣诞老人。