Vehicles searched, travels limited to contain virus

In an attempt to contain the spread of novel coronavirus, traffic management authorities in Wuhan, Hubei province, are conducting random inspections of private vehicles in search of animals. In addition, all group travel has been banned, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said on Tuesday.

Vehicle inspectors are searching vehicles entering or leaving the city for live poultry or wild animals. Health experts say animals are the likely source of the new coronavirus responsible for and outbreak of potentially fatal pneumonia.

All exit ports in the city have installed temperature monitoring systems, and all passengers traveling abroad will be required to undergo body temperature checks. Passengers with higher temperatures will be placed under observation or persuaded not to travel, the city's culture and tourism bureau said on Tuesday.

The city has installed 35 infrared thermometers and more than 300 portable infrared thermometers in the city's airports, as well as in railway and bus stations since Jan 14.

All passengers with higher than normal temperatures will be registered and transferred to nearby medical facilities. They will be paid for their tickets and rescheduling charges.

All modes of public transportation in the city have been subject to daily sterilization and ventilation since Sunday.


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