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Thomas: Yichang, my home

Source: hubei.gov.cn 11/08/2019 17:11:04

In the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, Hubei is opening its arms and mind to people from all corners of the world, attracting more and more foreigners to study and work here.

A series of reports focusing on Hubei's characteristics and development in the eyes of foreigners will be published, so please stay tuned.


“I have spent Spring Festivals for nine years here, and Yichang has already become my home,” said Thomas, hailing from the United states. He is now working at China Three Gorges University, and gives himself the Chinese name Li Jianglong (李江龙).

In the summer of 2009, Thomas toured to China. The Chinese people's kindness and Chinese culture left a deep impression on him, which aroused his interest in working here.

In 2010, he became an oral English teacher in the middle school, as the first one obtaining foreigner’s work permit in Yichang.

In 2015, he still chose to stay in Yichang as an oral English teacher at China Three Gorges University.

In 2018, Thomas became an internet celebrity, after China Central TV reporting his good deed that he pushed a public bus together with locals, braving a heavy snow.

“I am willing to stay here for friendly people,” he said, adding that he didn’t understand the Chinese words on remote control when living in the first apartment, so his landlord translated the words into English and posted it on the TV. This little incident really touched him.

Living here for nine years, Thomas has been deeply integrated into the city.

On the weekends, Tom enjoys going for a walk along the Yangtze River, climbing mountains and taking a trip.

He is familiar with Chinese manners and customs . "In the Chinese New Year, adults give children lucky money. The Qingming Festival marks the day of sweeping graves. And the one who pays the bill seats on a specific spot," he said.

Thomas witnesses the rapid development of Yichang.

“Yichang embraces international styles,” he said with excitement, adding that there are many new stores, coffee shops, theme restaurants, BRT lanes and high-speed railways, which are extremely amazing.

He also notices that the city is facing developing issues. The government has made great efforts to improve people’s living standard.

“Yichang is an inclusive city,” Thomas introduced that he pointed out the misspelling of “No Smoking” in the signboard. Then he found that the mistake was corrected soon.

And he was commissioned by the Yichang Municipal Government to review all English translation on the city's signboards.

In the future, Thomas intends to pursue a doctorate degree majoring in management science in Yichang.

(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)

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