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Yellow Crane Tower requires advance online ticket on Mid-Autumn Day, National Day holidays

Source: hubei.gov.cn 09/02/2019 11:09:50
Attention! Visitors who want to go to the Yellow Crane Tower scenic spot during the Mid-Autumn Day (September 13th-15th) and National Day (October 1st-7th) holidays must book online tickets in advance. From September 10, the tickets are available on the official microblog account, official website, Taobao and other official channels. Real-name registration is required while booking the tickets.
How to book in advance?
Individual tourists: Book tickets through the above official channels with ID card, one time for each day, up to 10 tickets for each time (including full and half price tickets). Visitors could go through the turnstiles with ID card and those who booked half-price ticket should go with related certificate.
Group: The tour guide should log in the Yellow Crane Tower team reservation system, fill in personal information to reserve tickets;
Tourists holding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passes and passports must go to the ticketing service office to purchase tickets on the spot with credentials;
Visitors eligible for free tour and users of Wuhan tourism annual card could be admitted to the scenic spot without reservation.
All the visitors are required to enter the scenic spot on time. In case of being late, the entry time will be delayed or automatic refund will be adopted according to the situation on site.
If needed, phone number 027-88877332 could be used for more information.
(hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)