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Hubei’s publishing enterprises upgrades international copyright cooperation

Source: hubei.gov.cn 07/18/2018 05:07:50

From copyright output to capital output, publishing enterprises in Hubei Province put more emphasis on overseas markets under new circumstances of international copyright cooperation.

In the past, copyright output was the main foreign business of publishing enterprises in Hubei. By the end of 2017, Hubei Education Press had output a total of 88 volumes with 19 categories, and a total of 244 copyrights had been exported to the United States, Egypt, Malaysia, India and other countries. Nevertheless, the output of traditional cultural products cannot keep up with the new situation of international copyright cooperation.

Hubei’s publishing enterprises have continued to make new attempt in international market.

In August 2016, the African publishing center in Kenya established by Hubei Science and Technology Press was the first publishing institution established by China’s press in Arica. By the competitive edges of science and education resources in Hubei, the African publishing center has planned a number of book projects such as Flora of Kenya.

In the just-ended 2018 China Hubei Media Week in Afria, a China-Egypt editorial department of Hubei Changjiang Publishing and Media Group was unveiled. This editorial department was co-established by Hubei Education Press and a culture investment company in Egypt, which focused on education, Chinese excellent traditional culture so as to research, translate and produce books for Egypt and other Arab countries.

The Middle East embraces a high birth rate in the world. Hence, the children's book market enjoys great potential for development. And books published in Egypt can be sold to more than 20 Middle Eastern countries. By expanding the "Publishing Plus" development model, high-quality international copyright cooperation can be achieved.

Moreover, a Southeast Asia publishing center of Hubei Changjiang Publishing and Media Group is planned to be established. From copyright output to capital output, the publishing enterprises in Hubei achieved constant improvement and updates in international copyright cooperation, and usher in a new phase of development.(hubei.gov.cn by Zhang Yawei)

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