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Wuhan-based, stateowned company builds Pakistan's largest airport

Source: Changjiang Weekly 05/25/2018 09:05:11

The new Islamabad International Airport, built by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau based in Wuhan, officially commenced operations since this May.

Located in the southwestern suburb of the city, about 40 kilometers away from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, the new Islamabad International Airport is the largest one in Pakistan in terms of passenger capacity, capable of serving 15 million passengers every year. It is replacing the old international airport that has grown inadequate to deal with the increasing passenger demand.

The plane-shaped terminal consists of a major building and three departure lounges extending northward, eastward, and southward. The central part of the building has three floors above ground, with a small four-story wing. It spreads out over 20,000 square meters, accommodating various facilities like VIP lounges, duty-free stores, infant care rooms, restaurants, and a movie theatre.

Most of the equipment and construction materials were imported from China. The sevenyear project has created over 150 administrative posts and over 3,000 jobs for local residents.