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Hubei FTZ Xiangyang Area offers incentives to bring in foreign talents

Source: hubei.gov.cn 05/23/2018 05:05:54

“It only takes 13 days to obtain the work permits and residence permits for our foreign experts and employees,”Wang Xiaoqing, a stuff from a Japan-owned company in Xiangyang, praised the service at the International Talent Service Port of Hubei FTZ Xiangyang Area (hereafter referred to as “Xiangyang Area”).

According to Wang, it must take at least 30 days to get the two permits after submitting papers to different government authorities such as the departments of public security, foreign affairs and the human resources and social security.

In order to bring in more scientists, technological leading talents, international entrepreneurs and highly skilled people, Xiangyang Area has cut the time of foreign business handling and provided one-stop services with integration of the function of related governmental sectors.

In addition, the Xiangyang Area has removed age restrictions for high-level talents, relaxed academic requirements for excellent foreign graduates and subsidized the economic and technical foreign experts with long-term engagement 30,000 yuan. (en.hubei.gov.cn)

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