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COCPDC: the fruits yielded during 17 years

Source: hubei.gov.cn 07/14/2017 10:07:02

III. Retrospective for 17 Years

The 1st COCPDC 


Time: August, 2001

Fruits: 68 contracts, intention and agreements were signed. The projects relating to the introduction of technologies, talents and management technologies accounted for 95 percent.

The 2nd COCPDC 


Time: May, 2002

Fruits: 84 agreements and contracts were signed between the overseas representatives and Hubei enterprises and public institutions, including 70 technology and talents introduction projects, which took up more than 80 percent.

Highlights: The technologies such as the anti-cancer drugs of gene therapy and iron-titanium compound powder filled the domestic blank.

The 3rd COCPDC 


Time: September, 2003

Fruits: 103 projects were signed, among which, the agreements and contracts accounted for 80. The total investment achieved 3.77 billion Yuan. 23 professional talents were employed by related departments and units as their consultants or foreign agents.

Highlights: The Chinese commerce of Rome, Italy, signed intention agreement with Hanzheng Street, pledging to invest 1.5 billion Yuan in clothing market renewal.

The 4th COCPDC 


Time: August, 2004

Fruits: 112 projects were signed, among which, 96 projects concerning technology introduction, 7 relating to talents introduction, 9 involving economic and trade cooperation. The total investment amounted to more than 0.2 billion U.S.dollars.

Highlights: Representatives from Hunan, Henan and Anhui were invited to attend.

The 5th COCPDC 


Time: 2005

Theme: Rise of central China, win-win pioneering

Fruits: 121 projects were signed in two days, with a total investment of 3billion Yuan, contract investment of 1.4 billion Yuan and contract funds of 0.84 billion Yuan.

Highlights: Wuhan Forum and the roundtable of multinational companies and the rise of central China were newly added.

The 6th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2006

Fruits: 125 projects were signed, achieving a total investment of 3.07 billion Yuan, among which, 83 projects concerning technology introduction, 8 relating to professionals employment and talents exchange, 21 projects involving capital introduction with achievement of 1.4 billion Yuan and 13 comprehensive projects.

Highlights: in addition to the more than 1,000 domestic enterprises, 14 other provinces like Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, etc, also organized groups to participate in the conference.

The 7th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2007

Results: 128 agreements, contracts and intention were signed. The signed agreements and contracts accounted for 7.92 billion Yuan in total.

Highlights: Fair on the intellectual property of hi-tech technologies, covering the fields of intellectual property, IT & photoelectron, auto industry, biomedicine, agriculture, etc.

The 8th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2008

Results: 130 projects and agreements were signed, achieving total investment of 7.196 billion Yuan and foreign capital of 6.137 billion Yuan. Among the 95 projects concerning talents and technologies introduction, 55 overseas Chinese talents with doctoral degrees intended to started up 55 hi-tech enterprises in China

Highlights: forum on international risk investment and capital market, forum on global Chinese media, forum on information industry and talents support, summit forum on international biomedicine, forum on matching China auto parts supply chain with global market, etc, were newly added.

The 9th COCPDC 


Time: October, 2009

Theme: Coping with financial crisis, promoting win-win cooperation

Results: 135 projects and agreements of cooperation and exchange were signed, including 40 ten-million-yuan projects and 16 hundred-million-yuan projects.

Highlights: There were more than 2,900 representatives from home and abroad attended the 9th COCPDC, including more than 900 representatives who were from over 40 overseas countries and regions. With higher level and broader coverage, the overseas representatives were a spotlight of this session.

The 10th COCPDC 


Time: September, 2010

Results: 151 projects of cooperation and exchange were signed, among which, 89 projects relating to introduction of overseas high-level talents and technologies, 62 projects concerning the introduction of investment and cooperation. A total investment of 32.8 billion Yuan was achieved with 23 projects accounted for one hundred million Yuan, respectively.

Highlights: The organizing committee determined to award the overseas projects and held the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest for Overseas Chinese

The 11th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2011

Theme: Innovation, Pioneering, Cooperation, Win-Win

Results: 167 agreements and contracts were signed, achieving a total investment of 43.2 billion Yuan. Among the whole agreements, the projects exceeded ten million Yuan accounted for 40, and the projects valued more than one hundred million Yuan amounted to 16. In addition, 92 high-level overseas talents were introduced.


1. The parallel session in Xiangyang was firstly opened, marking the new breakthrough of COCPDC;

2. Zhonghua Science & Technology Industrial Park was officially set up, which was expected to be a everlasting carrier of COCPDC.

The 12th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2012

Results: 96 agreements and projects were signed, achieving a total investment of 17.05 billion Yuan. Among which, 50 projects each valued more than one million Yuan and 23 projects each valued more than one hundred million Yuan. 120 overseas hi-tech projects and 65 overseas high-level talents were introduced.


1.The promotion conference on state-level development zones in Hubei was firstly held.

2.Special Session on Wuhan-Chicago City Exchange and Silicon Valley & Optics Valley Forum was opened.

3.Honored guest: Professor Ding Zhaozhong, the famous Chinese scientist and a Nobel Prize Winner for Physics.

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The 13th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2013

Results: 176 projects were signed, bringing along an investment of 45 billion Yuan. Meanwhile, 107 projects referring to the introduction of overseas high-level talents and techniques were signed, among which, 57 overseas talents rooted in Hubei with their hi-tech projects.


1.Special Session on Finance was held, where the projects and investment capital realized seamless connection.

2.The overseas Chinese media forum and project promotion and fair were held, so as to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese medias, and domestic medias.

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The 14th COCPDC 


Time: June, 2014

Theme: Innovation-driven, win-win cooperation

Fruits: 163 agreements and projects were signed, achieving a total investment of 44.5 billion Yuan and foreign capital of 16.25 billion Yuan. 98 projects referring to the introduction of overseas high-level talents and techniques were signed. The development zones around Hubei signed 130 projects, accounting for 80 percent of the whole agreements.


1.The 1st Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest for Overseas Chinese was held.

2.The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy for Overseas Chinese was set up to provide professional training for those enterprises who want to come back and start up or those who had returned.

3.Except for Wuhan as the main meeting place, Australia's Melbourne also kicked off the first session, where both the attendees at Hubei and Australia could exchanged face to face via screens.

4.The 1st Mayors' Roundtable of the Optics Valley and Silicon Valley was held.

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The 15th COCPDC 


Time: July, 2015

Theme: Innovative pioneering, mutual development

Fruits: It was expected to achieve a total signing investment of 11 billion yuan, introduce foreign capital of more than 9 billion yuan, and newly add nearly 4,000 jobs.


1. In addition to the overseas representatives from more than ten contries, the representatives from the provinces and cities along the Yangtze River economic belt were also invited to attend the conference for the first time.

2. The 2nd Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest for Overseas Chinese held awarding ceremony.

3. Two parallel sessions were set in Philadelphia and San Francisco of the USA, providing an exchange platform for talents introduction, biotechnology, financial investment, etc. The state governor of California and mayor of San Francisco also addressed the opening ceremony of 2015 COCPDC through video.

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The 16th COCPDC 


Time: June 23, 2016

Theme: innovate together, share opportunities together

Fruits: This year's conference has 1,195 valid projects registered and 79 key projects out of which have reached agreements, amounting to 16.43 billion yuan and attracting foreign capital of 3.013 billion yuan. The 10-million-yuan projects account for 39 while three projects exceed one billion yuan in investment.

Highlights: The 3rd COCPDC entrepreneurship competition; roundtable of international cooperation and exchange; 7th Chang-Lin Tien forumP; promotional conference on "Qiao Meng Yuan"; special forum of biomedicine; the specific promotional sessions of Canada, Germany, the U.S., France, Sweden, Thailand and New Zealand.

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The 17th COCPDC 

Time: July 7-9, 2017

Theme: mass innovation among overseas Chinese and shared development


1. Pay attention to supply-side structural reform.

2. Highlight international cooperation along the "Belt and Road".

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