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Fengjiawan Village, central China's Hubei

Source: People's Daily Online 11/26/2016 09:11:28


Window carving

Fengjiawan Village, Banqiao Town, Nanzhang County, Xiangyang is a small mountain village in northwestern Hubei's Jingshan Mountains. The village came into being in the Ming Dynasty at the latest. Composed of traditional dwellings, ancestral halls, cemeteries, ancient mountain villages, farming facilities and workshops, it is a typical traditional scattered-type village in Jingshan. It is known as a "village of ancient dwellings and "cultural village" for its rich and exquisite traditional dwellings.

Fengjiawan is blessed with beautiful scenery, distinctive customs, as well as rich cultural relics and historical sites. Particularly, the Feng family boasts profound historical deposits and presents a history of village development since the Ming Dynasty.