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Wuhan-Europe freight trains popular along the route

Source: hubei.gov.cn 06/06/2016 11:06:50

Photo by Zhang Peng

Countries along the route of China-Europe (Wuhan) freight trains (aka. “Wuhan-Europe freight trains”), including The Republic of Belarus, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria, expressed their wishes to build logistic centers for the train during the China-Europe Connectivity Session of Forum on Global Production Capacity and Business Cooperation.

To speed up the cargo transshipment in Brest, Belarus, the Belarus Railway Company planned to build a logistic distribution center jointly with Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. “The distribution will start construction in 2016”, said Wang Lijun, president of Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. The company opened its first overseas subsidiary in Germany last month.

By May 2016, a total of 500 Wuhan-Europe freight trains have been dispatched, ranking No.2 among all China-Europe freight trains, while the growth speed and return cargo ranking No.1. “Next, we will carry more return cargos such as timber, wine, meat, food, etc.”


Wuhan-Europe freight trains take the lead

Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd announced on January 5 that China-Europe (Wuhan) freight trains (aka. “Wuhan-Europe freight trains”) ran a total of 164 shifts in 2015, carrying 14,912 TEUs of container cargos. The growth rate exceeded 500%, ranking first nationwide. >>more

(hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)