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School sets up “male principle office” to boost student masculinity

Source: Xinhua 03/01/2016 10:03:26

A primary school in central China has established a “male principle office” in a bid to boost masculinity among the male students.

The office, managed by 10 male head teachers, in Yucai Primary School in Hubei’s Wuhan City, will take the students to participate in outward bound activities to “cultivate courage and a passion for sport.” They will also give lectures to classes with very few male teachers on a regular basis, according to the school.

An official with the school said that some of the male pupils “act like little girls” due to a lack of male teachers.

“For example, some students try to imitate female teachers during morning reading sessions,” said the official. “Their voices even sound effeminate.”

Of the school’s 104 teachers, only 24 are men. Many men refuse to become primary school teachers due to the work style, responsibility and low payment, according to the school.