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Home in Wuhan Project launched for foreigners

Source: hubei.gov.cn 04/29/2012 08:04:21

Home in Wuhan Project, a program initiated to provide convenience for foreigners living and working in Wuhan, capital city of central China's Hubei Province was launched on April 27, 2012.

The program covers 16 key projects in the international flights, tourism, public logos, education, etc.

It is estimated that the number of foreigners coming to Wuhan this year will be more than 200,000, and the number of permanent foreign residents in Wuhan also has increased rapidly to 11,000 by 2011. With the launch of the international flights as the Wuhan-Paris and Wuhan-Singapore routes, the number of foreigners will witness significantly increase.

The 16 projects for Home in Wuhan Project within 2012 mainly include: to open more than three international airlines, to broadcast in English and Chinese on the tourist buses and rail transit vehicles, to increase and standardize the English contents in the public logos, to update the English city map annually, to establish a talent pool of foreign language lawyers, and by 2015, 2-3 new schools for the foreign children will have been built up.