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Mineral Resources

Source: hubei.gov.cn 05/21/2013 15:05:09

The mineral resources in Hubei are very rich. There are 136 kinds of minerals discovered in Hubei (excluding inferior minerals), accounting for 81 percent of total kinds of minerals discovered in China; Resource extent of 87 minerals has been detected, accounting for 56 percent of minerals with detected resource extent; 49 minerals are discovered, but their resource extent isn’t detected. 80 minerals are listed in Hubei Minerals Reserve List (excluding petroleum, natural gas, geothermal heat, uranium, thorium, underground water, mineral water, etc). 956 mine fields and 1287 orefields are listed in Hubei Minerals Reserve List. Most orefields have such minerals as coal, iron, phosphorus, limestone, copper, gold, troilite, silver, mine salt, niobium, tantalum, glauber salt, dolomite, clay, stone coal and so on. Among 1287 orefields, 90 percent of them are small and medium orefields. Only 6.9 percent of them are large orefields. The minerals such as phosphorus, mine salt, glauber salt, gypsum, iron, copper, gold, silver and dolomite are advantageous minerals in Hubei. Peridotite, iodine, bromine, garnet, rectorite clay for use in fertilizer and diabase for use in construction ranks the first throughout the whole country. There are 57 minerals with recoverable resource extent topping first ten in China.