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Source: hubei.gov.cn 10/30/2012 19:10:14

Hubei is a province with minority nationalities. Statistics from the sixth census in 2010 suggested that population of minority nationalities in Hubei province reached 2.46 million, representing a 4.31 percent of the total population.

Minority nationalities which contain over 10,000 population are:

  • Tujia(2.1 million)
  • Miao nationality(170,000)
  • Hui nationality(67,000)
  • Dong nationality(52,000)
  • Manchu(13,000)
  • Zhuang nationality(12,000)
  • Mongols(10,000)

Administrative division for minority nationalities in Hubei contain:

1 autonomous prefecture: Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

2 autonomous county:

  • Tujia Autonomous County in Changyang
  • Tujia Autonomous County in Wufeng

12 minority township:

  • Jiuli Hui minority township in Zhongxiang
  • Laowan Hui Minority Township in Honghu
  • Miancheng Hui Minority Township in Xiantao
  • Xiaguping Tujia Minority Township in Shennongjia,
  • Hubeikou Hui Minority Township in Yunxi County
  • Xiejiaping Tujia Minority Township in Songzi
  • Panjiawan Tujia Minority Township in Yidu
  • Bajia Dong Minority Township in Enshi,
  • Xiaoguan Dong Minority Township in Xuan'en County,
  • Changtanhe Dong Minority Township in Xuan'en County,
  • Zhoulangzui Hui Minority Township in Chibi,
  • Tielu Bai Minority Township in Hefeng County

Autonomous areas for minority nationalities in Hubei reached 30,000 square kilometers, accounting for one sixth of the total area. The whole population of minority nationalities are 3.87 million, representing a 6.76 percent of the total population.