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Source: hubei.gov.cn 10/30/2012 19:10:08

Agriculture structure in Hubei province

Hubei Province is situated at the central China and the middle reaches of the Changjiang River. Provided with rich agricultural resources, it is an important production base for primary products in China. Hubei came to be known as “a land flowing with milk and honey” all along.

It is an important production base for commodity grain, cotton and oil and the biggest production base for freshwater products. The output of rapeseed and freshwater fish has ranked No.1 for years in China, and the output of cotton and paddy rice also come out top. The production and processing of agricultural and sideline products is endowed with great potential.

In a word, Hubei Province is provided with prominent strength which brings about large production scale, good product quality and high commodity rate. Hubei Province is endowed with advantageous light, heat and water and rich agricultural resources, abounding in dominant crops such as paddy rice, cotton, vegetable, rapeseed, gingili, peanut, wheat, corn, potato, grain legumes and so on; cash crops including ambary hemp, jute, ramie, tobacco leaf, tea leaf, mulberry, mandarin orange, peach, pear, ginkgo, evil hands, mushroom, agarics, Chinese traditional medicinal crops are also playing an important role in China.

The animal industry gives priority to pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, ducks and geese, and the fishery industry puts the freshwater fish, tortoise, turtle, shrimp, crabs in the leading place. The well-known Wuchang Fish is abundant in Liangzi Lake in Hubei. Hubei came to be known as “A Province with Thousands of Lakes, A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey” all along.

It is abundant in aquatic resources provided with 176 varieties of freshwater fish and the freshwater fishery ranks first in China. The output amounts to 2,340,000 tons, the total value of productions from the fresh water taking in the first place in China. The productions such as river crabs, terrapins, blue shrimps, mandarin fishes and white baits are sold domestic and aboard. There are 18 honey products and shelled fresh shrimps processing enterprises which obtained the qualification certificate of European Community.