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Xiantao, Qianjiang, Tianmen: heading for national top 100 counties of economic development and the frontier area of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization.

Introduction to Qianjiang

Qianjiang is located in the south central of Hubei Province, hinterland of Jianghan Plain. Qianjiang, which connects eastern and western part of Hubei, is the member unit of Wuhan urban agglomerations. It has been a thousand years since the establishment of this county in 965 (Qiande Third Year in the Song Dynasty). Qianjiang became a city from a county since 1988. It became a sub-prefecture-level city since 1994. The land area is 2,004 square kilometers, and the total population is 1.03 million. Jianghan Oilfield, one of the ten largest oilfields of China, is located in the territory. Qianjiang has jurisdiction over 3 provincial-level economic development zones, 6 county-level state-owned farms, and 16 towns (sub-district offices). In 2011, the city completed Gross Regional Product of 37.8 billion yuan, up 15.2%; local general budget revenue of 1.25 billion yuan, up 46.7%; total fixed asset investment of 17.24 billion yuan, up 37.5%; total export volume of $ 350 million, up 98.7%; urban per capita disposable income of 15,561 yuan, up 12.1%; rural per capita net income of 7684 yuan, up 18.5%. The growth rate of main economic indicators maintains the leading position in the whole province. Qianjiang has been granted the title of "Advanced County (City) of County Economy of the Province" for seven consecutive years. The comprehensive economic strength ranks the third place in Hubei province, among the  rapidly developing "the First Phalanx " which aims at national top 100 in the field of economy.

Qianjiang is a famous historical and cultural city. Qianjiang is one of the birthplaces of Chu culture. Zhanghua Palace, which was the detached palace of King Chu Ling of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and known as "The biggest Palace on Earth ", with 2500 years' long history till now. The site was listed as "Ten New Discoveries of National Archaeology in 2000". Qianjiang's profound cultural heritage has bred many talents, including Cao Yu, the outstanding drama master, which is known as "The Oriental Shakespeare". Qianjiang Flower Drum Opera, Qianjiang shadow play and Qianjiang Folk Songs have been listed as The National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Cao Yu Cultural Industry Park, which is listed as the first batch of Provincial Modern Service Industry Demonstration Zone, is under construction.

Qianjiang is a city of red revolution. "Two People named Li of Qianjiang" are the famous red revolution brothers in Chinese modern history. Li Shucheng is the pioneer of the Revolution of 1911 and the first Secretary of Agriculture Department of new China. Li Hanjun is one of the founders of CPC. In July 1921, twelve revolutionary forerunners, including Li Hanjun and Mao Zedong, held "The First National Congress of CPC" in the home of Li Shucheng in Shanghai. The first flag of the party was raised. Qianjiang is a red land. The Red Fifth Army, the Red Sixth Army and the Red Second Army were set up in Qianjiang. He Long, Liao Hansheng and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation left glorious footprints here.

Qianjiang is an ecological livable city. Qianjiang is a famous "water garden". It is the hometown of Metasequoia (Living Fossil of the Plant Kingdom). It is a National Campagna Afforest Advanced City, and a Jianghan Plain Ecological Civilized Transportation Demonstration City. It has won the China Livable City Award. The noted writer Bi Ye speaks highly of Qianjiang: "This is a green city!"

Qianjiang is a new industrial city. Qianjiang is rich in grain, rape oil, cotton on the ground and petroleum, gas and underground salt. It has five pillar industries, including Oil and Gas Exploitation, Textile, Metallurgical Machinery, Chemical pharmaceutical, and Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing. It has four listed companies. Qianjiang has won the "Three Mosts" and two national reputations: Qianjiang is the largest production base of taurine worldwide, the largest production base of oil drill in Asia, the largest production base of ophthalmic medication all over the country; Qianjiang is awarded "The Lobster Hometown of China", "The Tailors Hometown of China". Huazhong Funiture Industrial Zone, the Fifth Pole of Furniture of China, is under construction with our best efforts.