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Overview of Hubei Education

Source: hubei.gov.cn

Hubei is one of the most well-developed provinces in education and scientific reaearch. There are over 120 higher learning institutions, including two of the Top Ten Universities in China (Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and 7 key universities listed in the National 211 Project. Up to the end of 2010, the population of undergraduate student in higher learning institutions of Hubei reached 1.4 million and that of the postgraduate student reached 103 thousand.

Wuhan University

The "education-first" strategy was further implemented, and all types of education developed in an all-round way. Education expenses, in general, increased by 20.3 percent, and the education expenses at the provincial level grew by 25 percent. Besides, 7 scholars in Hubei became new academicians.

40 talents from Hubei were newly listed on the national "1000 Talents Program", with another 59 on the "100 Talents Program". Hubei took significant steps to build Hubei into a strong province of culture.

Hubei's animation industry achieved an increase of 67.5 percent, rising to fifth place in China. Key cultural programs were implemented to benefit the people. Cultural facilities in rural and urban communities were improved remarkably. 110 museums and memorials of Hubei were open for free admission. The Moving Library Program designed to deliver books for people living in remote areas was launched.

Hubei government should always give priority to the development of education. More money and efforts will be invested in education to ensure that the proportion of the fiscal education expenses in provincial GDP reaches 4 percent.

Hubei government will promote major educational reform pilot projects and advance the scientific development of education at all levels. Hubei government will further strengthen the team building of teachers, and establish and improve the teacher replenishing mechanism for the rural compulsory education at the provincial level.

Hubei government will accelerate the development of preschool education, set up and mature the mechanism of balanced compulsory education development, advance the diversification of high school development, speed up the construction of modern vocational education system, develop higher education with characteristics to a higher level.

Hubei will actively explore the interactive mode of enterprises and universities so that education can better integrate with the economy and better serve the economic and social development. Hubei will relieve the debt of universities actively and effectively, and support the cooperation between universities of ministerial and provincial level.

Hubei will combine public education with private education, and improve the development of private education. Hubei will initiate the "primary school and high school bus safety project" to ensure the safety of the students.

Source:2012 Report on the work of the Hubei provincial people's government

Huazhong University of Science and Technology