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Huangpi Clay Sculpture

Source: People's Daily Online

Famous Huangpi clay sculpture has its traditional masterpieces of "five hundred arhats" in Guiyuan Buddhism Temple in Hanyang and God in Mulan Mountain. The sculptures such as "A Mere Grade-seven Official", "Eight Immortals across the Sea", "Golden Boy and Jade Maiden" and "Lady Lena" made in Huangpi Clay Sculpture Artwork Factory are favored and well received for their vivid images and full humor and wit inside, which are sold well not only at home but popular in Britain, France, Italy and Singapore, etc.

Paotongdian Town, a renowned birthplace of clay sculpture in Huangpi District, exhibits a scene of dazzling exuberance for peasant clay sculpture with small size, various types, and earthy moldings from dignified figures to humorous transfigurations, including various vivid and lifelike works such as General Mulan (a famous heroine in Chinese history) and the maids of honor in Dream of the Red Chamber (one of the four major works in ancient China), Nezha, a character of Chinese myth and great artist Chaplin from Western country. The old artisan Dai Heqing ever made clay sculptures for foreign guests to the eye, which has become a favorite topic aboard. The clay sculptures made in Paotong were ever exhibited in Ohio and got a warm embrace there.