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Tujia Ethnic Minority Customs: Stealing Pumpkin

Source: hubei.gov.cn 09/06/2016 04:09:20

Stealing has always been despised. However, in stilted houses inhabited by Tujia people in the west of Hubei Province, several unique and interesting "stealing traditions" have been passed on until now. Such traditions have not been spurned by people of the ethnic group. On the contrary, they are much favored by the Tujia people and have been passed on with approval as a story.

Stealing Pumpkin

At the midnight of the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, several Tujia people whisper for a while, disperse from each other, walk on tiptoes to a pumpkin garden in the east or a vegetable plot in the west, choose a large and round pumpkin, pick it off, wrap it with red cloth, and take it away. The next day, the owner of the lost pumpkin will not get angry, but smile at the pumpkin base and pray silently for the pumpkin stealer: "My dear God, please bless him with a new life in the coming year." It turns out that the stolen pumpkin is sent to a family without child.