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Behring River & Life Museum

Source: hubei.gov.cn

The Wuhan Natural History Museum · Behring River & Life Museum is situated to the north of the Changjiang Civilization Museum. Its total floor area is 29,000 square meters, of which, 18,000 square meters is the exhibition area. At the entrance of the museum, there is an honorary wall for Mr. Behring and a guide service area. The Museum has three floors. Its ground floor comprises a preface hall, a Vicissitudes of Rivers hall, a Creatures of Great Rivers hall, and a storeroom. The second floor comprises a Meditation of Great Rivers hall, an Exploring Great Rivers area, a Behring Souvenir Shop, and a coffee shop. On the third floor, there is a temporary exhibition hall, a science space, and the staff office. The permanent exhibition “a journey to great rivers and a concerto of lives” takes great rivers as the background, lives as the theme, the specimens donated by Mr. Behring as the basis, makes the dialogues between the Changjiang River and the great rivers of the world as exhibition concept, focuses on important content of the great rivers, living things and human beings, makes full use of nearly 3000 pieces of paleontological, animal and plant specimens through modern means of exhibition, displaying geological background and the life history of rivers related to the great rivers, biodiversity, connection and difference of the world’s representative rivers, and the natural law of ecosystem succession change and life evolution, so as to raise people’s consciousness on the concern, love and protection of great rivers.

Service Time

Open from 9:00 to 17:00 (no entrance after 16:30) from Tuesday to Sunday every week

Close for maintenance on Mondays (except national holidays)

For other arrangements, please see the museum notice.

Please Note

1. Before entering the museum, please show your tickets or relevant ID cards, and cooperate with us for security inspection and ticket checking.

2. Please do not take inflammable, explosive, toxic, or deleterious substances, controlled knives, or pets to the museum.

3. When taking photos, please take care of yourself, and be aware of the safety of other visitors, exhibits and specimens of the museum. Selfie sticks or camera tripods are not allowed for taking photos.

4. Children under 1.3 meters in height, the elderly, and persons with physical disabilities shall be accompanied by a friend or relative during visiting.

5. For visitors who want to take part in the “Exploring Great Rivers” activities or watch 4D movies, please reserve or buy tickets through our official Wechat, website, or on-site.

6. Smoking is forbidden in the museum. Please care the health of yourselves and other visitors.

7. Please keep clean and hygienic of the museum, and do not bring opened drinks or food to the exhibition area or the cinema.

8. To keep a sound visiting environment, please do not run, romp, and climb, lie down or clamor in the museum.

9. Please take good care of public facilities, and do not touch specimens or models on exhibition. When operating the interactive equipment, please follow the guidance of the museum staff. In case of damage, compensation should be paid.

10. In case of any emergency, please evacuate immediately through designated routes by following the guidance of the field personnel.

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