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Wuhan Jingyi Glasses Museum

Source: hubei.gov.cn

Wuhan Jingyi Glasses Museum, the first private glasses museum in Wuhan opened to the public in June 2015.

Established by He Junfeng, the museum has a collection of over 400 ancient Chinese and western glasses ranging from 15th century to early 19th century. In the museum, there is a pair of silver-framed glasses, which was made in 1805 in Britain. The glasses, with the inscription of “J.C. Miller Music Master”, belonged to a famous noble musician in 19th century.

Modern eye glasses are usually made of common materials like glass, resin, plastic, metal, etc., while ancient glasses on display in the museum are made of wildlife, gold, silver or precious stones.

Address: 11 Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Opening time: 9:00 a.m.-17:00p.m.

Ticket: free

(hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)