Wuhan Acrobatics Hall

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Wuhan Acrobatics Hall is a modern cultural recreation place where acrobatics and circus are mainly performed, and there are large-scale performance, concerts, fashion shows, and small-scale sports games, etc. The total area is over 27,000 square metres, and the area of the main hall is 6,196 square metres. It is located on the interjunction of Jianshe Avenue and Taibei Road of Hankou in the municipal center, surrounded by some cultural, commercial, and financial architectural complexes, including Wuhan TV Station, Changjiang Daily Press, Union Building, Credit Cooperative Building, New World Department Store Building, International Trade Building, and Construction Bank Building, etc. It connects with the newly built 5th main course on the north, just two kms from the new Hankou Railway Station and Wangjiadun Airport; on the south, it is near Jiefang Avenue, leading to the urban prosperous business district; on the west, it can go to the 1st Changjiang River Bridge through Qingnian Avenue; on the east, it leads to Huangpu Road to the 2nd Changjiang River Bridge. The transportation is very convenient and extends to all directions.

Like a fullblown chrysanthemum, the round-shaped main building is a dazzling pearl among the ones in Wuhan City because of its special style. In the main hall, there are nearly 3000 auditorium seats, which are made of colorful fiberglass reinforced plastics, goodly and comfortable, and divided into different regions according to the four colors of green, yellow, blue, and red. The circle-shaped canopy uses aluminum alloy noise-absorption. The round stage is a standard performance place for acrobatics and circus, the diameter 17.8 meters, the area 255 square meters, and the performance space 21 meters. Imported from Japan, America, England, and Germany, etc, the whole set of light and sound equipments is controlled by computers and of modern level. The outer circle of the performance hall is a lounge room of two stories, the applied area 2,000 square meters, and with rest rooms for honored guests. Connecting with the main building, the adjective one has the following facilities: waiting room for actors, property room, highclass makeup room, large and small beast rooms, vet room, and beast-taming room, etc.

The total volume of power supply is 1,820 kilovolt ampere and the acrobatics applies twocircuit current source to guarantee the power supply. In the performance hall and the adjective one, there are central air conditioning and heating, and ventilation system which has the registration capacity of 2.4 million and is of good effects.

The square occupies 7,000 sq.ms, and the grass carpet over 5,000 sq.ms where many kinds of performance can be held and which is called "the Cultural Square of Acrobatics and Dramas". The acrobatics hall is the largest performing place for acrobatics and circus in our country, which fills up a gap that there is no place for international acrobatics games. It has successfully held international acrobatics art games for three times, and many large-scale performance, and boxing games. It has got high praises from performance groups inside and outside China because of the advanced facilities and excellent service.

Tel: 027-85799884

Address: No.739 Jianshe Avenue, Hankou District

Traffic: Bus No. 46, 208, 509, 550, 560, 597, 801, 808