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Wuhan Modern Drama Theater

Source: Hubei Department of Culture

The Wuhan Modern Drama Theater, founded in 1957, was formerly an art troupe under the Jichare Military Region. Since its founding, the drama theater has staged over 300 dramas, including prize-winning ones at national, provincial and municipal levels such as Beside the Yangtze River, Spring Rain, Little Scout, Prime Minister Wei Zheng, Wine Bottle Collector, Green Grass, Dead Loop, Xiang Jiangyu, Song Ching Ling and Her Sister, Crossing the River in the Same Boat (winner of the Wenhua Grand Award).

The Mother River, Life as a Drama, Marriage in Backdrop, Four Seasons. The Theater has also staged such famous plays as Thunderstorm, Sunrise, Peacock Gallbladder, Empress Wu Zetian, The Servant of Two Masters, Tragic Ode, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Letter Lost, Fisherman's Family, Yelshov Brothers, Just Public Opinion, and Evil Heart. Some mini-dramas such as Soliciting Marriage, Crossroads and Hard to Tell True or False won the awards in national drama TV contests and Wenhua New Drama Award.

Since early 1980s, the theater's actors have participated in TV series such as The Unofficial Life History of Lao Mei, and its sequel, winner of the fourth National TV series Feitian Awards and Golden Eagle Awards. The theater has toured Singapore twice.

The theater's famous performers include Ma Yi, Hu Qingshu, Yan Jilie, Ma Qihou, Zeng Qiongqiong and Zhou Jintang.

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