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Hubei Chuju Opera Theater

Source: Hubei Department of Culture

Chuju Opera is one of the main local opera varieties in Hubei Province. At the early stage, it was handed down from the prefectures of Huangpo, Xiaogan in Hubei known as Huang Xiao Flower-drum. It was named Chuju in 1926. The artistic characteristic is fresh and lively, exquisite and elegant, easy to understand and a strong flavor of the life.

The Hubei Chuju Theater made preparations for the setting up in 1966 and was given the present name in July, 1998.

Since its establishment, the Theater has created, collected and transplanted more than one hundred large and small modern operas, traditional operas and newly revised historical operas on the stage. Among them, the modern opera Investigating Report Forms was transplanted by many troupes of the province, and was made into the color opera film by Changchun Film Studio. Traditional operas Ge Ma (which was screened by Shanghai Tianma Film Studio), Beating Princess-wife, Butterfly Cup, Yang Ban’s Wedding, Meeting Mother at the Buddhist Nunnery have been performed permanently. The transplanted modern operas Shachiapang, Sister Jiang, Double Flying Swallows, Be Born Without Permission and the adapted opera The Fate of Xu’s Fourth Daughter were broadcasted many times by the national, provincial and municipal radio, TV station. Missing Note, The Long Liuye River, The Oriental Tax Collector were created in recent years and won the first prize of several items at the Hubei Provincial Theatrical Pieces Festival in 1992, and won the prize of performance at the National Modern Opera Exchange Performance Award in 1996. A short piece for Chuju and Peking Opera One Bottle of Maotai won the golden awards at the National Short Artistic Creation Competition in 1996, the new program and Wenhua Award issued by the Ministry of Culture in 1997.

The Theater has well-known artists of the older generation: Sheng Yungai, Guan Xiaobin, Li Yajiao, Xiong Jiangxiao, Gao Shaolou and other. At present, it has 35 first and second grade actors and actresses and key playwrights e.g. Zhang Qiaozhen, Peng Qinglian, Zhan Chunyao and Chen Changxi.

Address: No. 40, Shouyi xincun, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Post code: 430060

Tel: (027) 88073581