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Huangshi Economic & Technological Development Area

Source: hubei.gov.cn 10/21/2015 17:10:23

Huangshi Economic & Development Area, also named as Huangshi high-tech industrial park, was established in 1992 under the approval of provincial government. In March 2010, authorized by the State Council, it was upgraded and became the second national Economic Development Zone after Wuhan City in Hubei Province.

Huangshi Economic Development Area covers an area of 435 sq. km. After 20 years of development and construction, Huangshi Economic and Development Zone now has developed 52 industrial enterprises and 61 commercial enterprises above the designated size, as well as 22 high-tech enterprises from scratch, initially shaping six leading industries, such as new materials, equipment manufacturing, electronic message, biological medicine, textile & apparel and food & beverage. In recent years, with an annual growth of over 30% of the main economic indicators, this development zone has already become the most important economic growth pole, high-tech industrial concentration area, export-oriented demonstration area, and the pilot zone of “two-oriented society” construction of Huangshi City.

2013 total output value: 34.688 billion Yuan ($5.5535 billion)

Location: Jinshan Road 189 in Huangjin Mountain new industrial district, Huangshi City, Hubei. (Postcode: 435000)

(hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)