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Xiangyang Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

Source: hubei.gov.cn 05/21/2013 15:05:39

Xiangyang Hi-tech Industry Development Zone


In 1992, the state council approved the establishment of Xiangyang Hi-Tech Development Zone. Later in 2005, the Hubei Provincial government approved a new zone which combined the former Hi-Tech Development Zone with the Automobile Industry Development Zone.
Xiangyang Hi-Tech Development Zone is the main production base of the Dong feng commercial vehicle and high-grade passengers’ cars. And the most parts of the production line are assembled here. The zone today is on its way to the brand new automobile center. The vehicle manufacturing ranges from the commercial vehicles to the high-grade trucks. In addition to the vehicle manufacturing, the zone is also being shaped as the most developed vehicle key parts production base. It can produce the engines, axle, seat angles and etc. All give it the honor as the one of the seven production bases in China. Additionally, the surrounding small and medium size enterprises of meter, battery, auto locks and so on gather up the specific investment environment.

Detail Information:

 Industrial zone type:  High Tech Industrial Development Zone
 Industrial Zone Level:  National
 Date Incorporated:  1992
 Address:  No.15 Dongfeng Motor Avenue, Xiangyang Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Xiangyang, Hubei, 441000
 Website:  http://www.xfhdz.org.cn/
 Email:  xfgxq@126.com
 Phone:  0710-3310528, 0710-3311088